Why every artist needs music publicist services

Why every artist needs music publicist services So you are a recording artist or music producer and you have

Why every artist needs music publicist services

Why every artist needs music publicist services

So you are a recording artist or music producer and you have been building your catalog, right? You are seeing all of these other artists that are blowing up all over the internet and even on television and you ask yourself how did they do that or what is going on? Maybe it was somebody you saw in the beginning stages of their career or perhaps somebody you feel is less talented or deserving than somebody of your skills and caliber. Well, there is a bit of an industry secret it and here it is. This musician or band has found themselves the right music publicist services.

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What type of things can a music publicist do for you or your aspiring career? First, let’s check off the necessities it will take to grow your brand and product. You should have an established catalog of quality music with a polished and professional sound. Maybe you feel you have a hit single or album that just needs a push in the right direction, in that case, you should have your social media branded properly to match the overall project you are attempting to push to the masses. After you have those things you may find yourself ready to look for some different music publicist services.

Let us assume maybe you just have yourself a nice catalog of music but you are lost on the social media aspect of things and you want to take care of that so when you reach out to a music publicist you are ready to go. In an attempt at a quick explanation of social media branding to bring you up to speed we can keep it simple and say: presentation. Your online presentation is your brand.

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There are numerous steps you can take to making your “brand” gel on the internet. Logos are a good place to start, something eye catching you can attach to any image or video you post online.

By having a logo that is unique to you it allows your audience to identify anything they see with your logo on it to you. Another part of social media branding is having images and banners advertising yourself and your project. Make sure this looks good! Hire a professional if you have to. It is all about establishing your brand as professional versus amateur. A music publicist may not offer their services to you if they feel your brand does not look the part.

Build your social media platforms up. Get followers and network. It’s very difficult for a brand to grow and survive without a strong online presence. Lastly, give your current and future audience something to watch and listen to. Shoot a music video to your lead single or if you want a fun way for them to enjoy your quality content – get yourself a lyric video!  Now all you have to do is find the right music publicist and which services can work for you.

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Your brand is built, now you are trying to determine which music publicist services will be most effective in establishing yourself in the music industry. Let’s start with the big one; distribution. Whether you are selling an EP, single, full LP, instrumental album, whatever – you need distribution. A music publicist will get your project and brand into online and physical retailers. Ask yourself, how many independent artists do you know that have their album distributed physically to major retail companies? Probably not too many.

Another way a music publicist can help you is getting you in those same stores your record is being distributed in to have actual in store signings and meet & greets with your fans. Now you are really living the dream but let’s not forget about your online presence.. how about  social media verification? You know that blue check on most social media sites that lets you know the person’s account you are on is in fact the real account you are looking for – that is another music publicist service that could be available to you.

Overall it is safe to say that if you want to establish yourself in the music industry it is imperative to find good music publicist services that can help you get to that next level. Distribution, online verification, and getting out there to the fans is all a part of the major artist experience and dream. Finding the right music publicist services is the foot in the door you need.

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