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Music Video Production: The Basics

Music Video Production: Getting Started

For a lot of musicians, all they know is music. That’s absolutely fine, however, in 2018 it should be no surprise that artists with music videos tend to get more attention. A good song will carry its own weight, but a great video to compliment it, will get an audience engaged. With that said, a bad song with a great video can still garner a lot of attention. Think Rebecca Black’s video, Friday. This is why music video production is so important in this day and age. Let’s take a look at what is needed to create your own music video and how you can get started.


Music Video Production: What is Needed?

If music video production is done properly, you won’t need a video production studio or a famous director. Musicians can film their own music videos with a little bit of hard work and know how. Learning the fundamentals of equipment, camera angles, and lighting can make a video look great. It is important to keep an eye on what is current regarding industry standards.

Once you have learned a bit about the equipment and techniques needed, it’s time to be creative. Because musicians are creative people, this can be a fun process. Write a story board and scout locations. The key is to be original and innovative without taking the creative process too far. Being too creative and abstract can be a turn off for viewers unless the song or genre calls for that. Furthermore, use your own discretion.


Music Video Production

Music Video Production: Editing the Footage

After you have recorded all the video footage you plan to use, it’s time to edit. This process can be similar to mixing music. Think of a video editor like an engineer. If you’re brave enough to have gotten this far, perhaps you may want to try editing the footage yourself. However, for those of you that want a professional touch to the video, investigate hiring a professional.

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