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Musician Design: Creating the Right Artwork for Your Brand

Musician Design: Getting Started

Whether you are branding your social media, building a website, or planning the cover art for your next album – musician design is a necessity. It is on the rare occasion an artist can get by without it unless it is bad to be ironic. However, in most cases that doesn’t seem to be true. A professional presentation can take you from a pretender to a contender. Showing other professionals, labels, and your peers that you take yourself seriously will demand for the same respect when you work with the aforementioned. The right artwork design can be iconic and true to you. Most musicians and artists spend years dreaming of recognition and this is your chance to tackle your visual representation.

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Musician Design: The Basics

Even if you have had graphics and professional images already done in the past you can always update your aesthetic. Keeping a consistency across the board on musician design is key as your fans expect it. Furthermore, consistency does not necessarily mean to keep everything the same style. Utilizing similar colorways or perhaps a theme while you try different looks can keep things fresh.

Always spend some time analyzing your peers or competition – especially the successful ones. Do not copy their presentation but find what makes their artwork design unique to them and how it appeals to your niche audience. Take notes and apply it to your brand in your own way.

Now that you are aware of what works for your genre and audience spend some time mocking up different artwork design projects. Play with different colors, styles, lettering, and images. However, be sure that you are able to deliver a professional looking product.

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