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Online Presence: Musicians vs the Internet

Online Presence: Getting Started

A decade ago, an online presence was something record labels were just beginning to look at. However, now in the year 2020 it is a determining factor. Labels want self sufficient artists that can generate their own fans and content. Furthermore, a record label would much rather develop the music side of one’s career than the audience. This can be frustrating for the very talented musicians across the world that dream of having their name in bright lights. Because of this, many musicians are now in tune with what it takes to stand out on social media. Whether it is fresh daily content, social media branding, or engaging fans via Q&A’s, polls, or just good old conversation – an online presence is an absolute necessity for any aspiring musician.

Online Presence Social Media Branding

Online Presence: The Basics

Starting off, in order to get recognition online you must have interesting or exciting content. Something that is going to hook the fans in and encourage them to follow you. However, before you get there, you should be sure that your social media branding is uniform across all platforms and convey a professional image that resonates with your identity. Spend some time to think about your brand and what makes you unique. Whether it is specific color palettes or style, having your own image is paramount. After you have established your look you are beginning to develop your online presence.

It doesn’t necessarily matter the platform as long as you are engaging your fan-base. Furthermore, the more popular your posts are, the more likely they are to show up on others timelines or discover panels. Social networks reward users with high engagement and popularity by spreading their content to new audiences. In theory, the rich get richer. Ultimately, this is not a bad thing. It should encourage musicians to create the best and most engaging content as possible. Look at popular artists in your genre and watch how they engage with fans and what kind of posts and videos they release. Re-interpret this content in your own way and begin building your presence.

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