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Optimizing Instagram: Tips for Instagram Live Videos

Optimizing Instagram: Getting Started

As musicians seek innovative ways to reach new fans, they can be overwhelmed with all of the tools available to them. However, don’t fret if you find yourself in this position. One thing for certain is that social media is the best direct approach to maximize your exposure. Although choosing the right platform may be tricky, you should be sure that live video is fantastic for engaging new fans. Whether you are on YouTube, Facebook, or optimizing Instagram live videos to connect with your audience, approaching with a strategy is best. Let’s go over some elements that are imperative for success that you should be aware of when Instagram marketing.

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Optimizing Instagram: The Basics

When you begin the process of optimizing Instagram live videos for maximum exposure you should begin by planning your broadcast. Furthermore, this is a crucial point in creating any successful piece of content. Knowing where you want to go from point A to point B will help you create a game plan to stick to. Additionally, you will be able to tackle the task at hand without falling off topic or losing your thought process. This will result in a successful broadcast.

The good thing about Instagram is that they do a little bit of Instagram marketing for you whether you realize it or not. Whenever somebody goes live the social network sends push notifications to most follower’s phones. This drives traffic to your live video. However, be sure to let your audience know previously that you are planning to go live. This can build anticipation and fans will be more eager to click to see what you are about to announce or promote.

If you are shy about getting on Live in front of a bunch of new fans or followers – practice a bit. Whether you plan a group chat for your friends or perhaps a small select group of fans, get comfortable behind the camera. Work on your camera presence by looking straight at the lens as you want to build a connection with your viewers.

Additional ways to optimize Instagram live videos is including branding. It can be an overlay or even a t-shirt that represents your current project or whatever you are working on or have done. Fans may be interested in merchandise and this is a great way to show some off. Ultimately you should be using video to connect with your fans and growing your audience. hairy girls