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Organic Spotify Marketing: More Streams to Your Music

Organic Spotify Marketing: Getting Started

As you begin your journey of Spotify promotion you may find yourself asking, how am I going to get people to hear my music? Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as wondering or hoping for it – this could take some hard work. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to gain more listeners and fans. In turn, this increases stream revenue, social media traffic, and merchandise sales. Most noteworthy, in beginning this will take an organic Spotify marketing effort. The ability to garner interest and traffic to your content may turn out to be more important than your actual artistic ability. However, it is especially relevant to always put your all into your music. The better your tracks, the better the reception. Additionally, playlists, influencers, and music industry professionals are always looking for great songs.

organic spotify marketing

Organic Spotify Marketing: The Basics

The first and easiest way for you to get started with your organic Spotify marketing campaign is on social media. Share the links to your music to your current followers and fanbase. Perhaps incentivize people to share as part of a contest or maybe just good will. While this method does not tend to yield many results – it still helps. This is grass roots and at the very least, a simple Spotify promotion method.

Another popular method to grow your audience is to connect with playlist curators. A curator with a popular playlist can grow an artist’s name exponentially. This could put you shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in the music industry. However, getting on a large playlist is not an easy task. Often times it takes connections and having an undeniable hit that is already generating buzz elsewhere.

Lastly, if you are looking for an organic Spotify marketing campaign, check out View Maniac. We specialize in getting your music in front of people who want to hear it. This will let you earn more money with your Spotify releases, increase charting potential, and get your more followers and fans. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation today! займы онлайн на карту срочно