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Patreon for Musicians: Membership Based Campaigns

Patreon for Musicians: Getting Started

Patreon, founded in 2013 by college roommates Sam Yam and Jack Conte. The platform is created to make incentivized crowdsourcing for creators possible. Additionally, it also created a place where creatives can offer exclusive content to their contributing fans. Enabling fans to pay and support musicians projects has proven to go a long way. Furthermore, as fans contribute to a Patreon for musicians it gives a sense of excitement to be apart of something. The additional access, exclusivity, and engaging experiences among donors and creators incite commitment on both ends. Let’s dive in a bit further to realize the potential of adding Patreon into your music marketing strategy.

patreon for musicians

Patreon for Musicians: The Basics

Starting off, to be successful on Patreon you may be best getting your link out to current and existing fans. Unfortunately, there are no discovery features on Patreon. This means, growing your support system relies entirely on your online presence and ability to get information out to the fans. However, don’t get discouraged. It will take time and creativity.  Connecting with your fan-base is paramount and dedicated fans moves mountains if they are engaged. It is important to avoid mistakes such as over complicating your approach in getting new patrons.

While you may be using the platform to crowdsource a project, your eyes should be on the end goal and not the fast money, if any, that may come your way. Introducing benefits of becoming a patron on your page will help your pitch to join. Set up 3 or 4 tiers of rewards for fans and let that be your leverage for incentive. These rewards can be simple gestures. Maybe a shout out on social media and in the liner notes of your project’s release. Additional tiers could be 1 on 1 face timing, maybe even allowing the fan to watch in on a recording session. If you have merchandise already made, add that into a tier. Don’t rush into getting merchandise made without a following.

Patreon for Musicians: Promoting

Promoting early access to exclusive songs or videos on social media may build buzz. This may get die-hard or dedicated fans willing to donate a bit. However, social media may not be the best catalyst for growing a Patreon for musicians. While typical music marketing techniques may yield results in general interest, getting others to donate requires a personal touch. Collect emails, phone numbers, or maybe go through your DM. Let fans know they can reach you personally on Patreon while helping fund your new releases. This gives fans what they want and that should be your overall approach in coming up with creative ideas for promoting your Patreon. buy viagra online