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Playlist Submission: Connect with Spotify Curators

Playlist Submission: Getting Started

It doesn’t matter which social platform you are trying to get recognition on – there will be competition. Spotify, although not a traditional social platform is no different. While it can be a complicated platform to use and can be especially difficult to utilize as a powerful marketing tool, Spotify has a hell of a purpose. Without a doubt, Spotify has become a dominant force for people who stream music whether it is with their paid or free model, there are almost 250 million monthly subscribers on the platform. A major feature on the streaming giant are the playlists. Whether you customize your own personal playlist for listening, searching by artist, album, or listening to a curated playlist, it is all meant to be a listening experience. Especially relevant, playlist submission can be crucial in breaking an artist into the music scene.

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Playlist Submission: The Basics

As you begin your journey to Spotify promotion or playlist submission it is important to have a proper profile set up. Be sure that your Spotify profile includes photos, social links, and a full artist biography. You want to give your audience as much information about you and how to find more of your music. On the flip side, you should also drive your current fans to your Spotify profile and music as well. Asking fans to pre-save songs that are not yet released or to follow you on the platform helps build a presence. This strengthens your stance within Spotify’s search algorithm and will get your music into the release radar.

Now that you have a bit of a Spotify presence you should prepare to reach out to popular curators. Spotify allows 500 characters to use for your playlist submission so it is necessary to think through a solid pitch and maximize the characters available. Your best bet is to illustrate your song verbally and why it would appeal to the listeners within that Spotify playlist. Furthermore, it may be good practice to run the song by some people that you trust and get their opinion on what to write. Be sure to tag your song for mood, genre, and instruments.

Spend some time researching different playlists and where you can find curators. Getting your song within the right track list can serve majorly for your music career and Spotify promotion campaign. hairy girls