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Pre-Release Countdown: Exciting the Fans

Pre-Release Countdown: Getting Started

Releasing new music should be strategized to reach as many people as possible. However, unless you are a major artist with a huge audience – releasing a surprise album will only be exciting to you. Even if you are releasing new music it is unlikely that your current audience is even expecting much, let alone looking forward to a release date. Don’t get discouraged. You can turn this around with the proper music marketing efforts. Furthermore, creating excitement for new music or video releases is a possibility for an artist with any sized audience – it just takes creativity. A pre-release countdown may be the perfect tool for you to promote a new single. Let’s dive in to the basics to get you started.

pre-release countdown

Pre-Release Countdown: The Basics

A pre-release countdown lets you build anticipation for a new release. This is the right way to generate interest for a new single, EP, or album. With high quality catchy designs, you are able to catch your follower’s attention on any social platform and create interest. Whether is it a graphic or a countdown video, you can target your official release date and get started. The countdown should be designed around the current theme and aesthetic of your project. This means it should match your cover art or current branding.

If you are capable of designing video or graphics, a pre-release countdown should be within your reach. You can choose any date range to countdown from but it is recommended to start it 5 to 7 days out at most. Anything longer than that may exhaust potential listeners. Depending on what you’re willing to showcase, you can include previews to audio or video. If you are looking for professionally designed countdown videos check out View Maniac. We provide high quality designs that will excite your audience. Reach out today for a free consultation to get started.