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Press Writing: Professional Artist Biographies

Press Writing: Getting Started

Whether you are filling out your website, electronic press kit, or raising awareness on publications – an artist biography is a necessity. Press writing should be professional and tell your story an interesting way. However, it is especially relevant not to be oversell yourself or be generic. Furthermore, your biography should be memorable and stand out from others. This is a big part of conducting business within the music industry. As an artist, you want to stand out among the millions of others. Additionally, presenting yourself in a professional manner will open the door for many networking opportunities. Alongside the networking opportunities, a well written bio can be distributed to publications to bring more press to your brand.

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Press Writing: The Basics

There are many methods you can go about for press writing. First and foremost, who knows more about you and your brand than you. Write down the basics of who you are, what you represent, and what your mission is. Furthermore, be sure to write down your accomplishments, what you are working on, and future plans. Compile these together into a well written artist biography and go from there. However, it is understood that writing is not for everyone. There are apps or services such as Grammarly that can assist you with piecing your bio together. Most noteworthy, be sure not to make your story too dramatic. Focus more on your accomplishments than your hardships.

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