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Pro Mixing: Getting That Industry Sound

Pro Mixing: Getting Started

Every musician has the dream getting their music out to the masses. Receiving radio play, support from curators, DJs, and international listening bases is the dream. However, for your music to make it that far you will need an industry quality recording. This is why pro mixing is so important to your overall sound. Mixing and mastering can take your song from sounding bland and OK to a pristine clean recording enhanced with effects that is consistent with mainstream music. If you have the ability to record yourself and a computer of your own, you can achieve this on your own with some time in practice.

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Pro Mixing: The Basics

Before you begin mixing and mastering your own music you need to learn the basics. Understanding the tools for job is a major part of any craft. Furthermore, a well-versed audio engineer is familiar with digital audio workstations and all of the audio plugins involved. Before you begin your journey to pro mixing you should familiarize yourself with the many options available. Choosing a DAW really comes down to preference and comfort. Additionally, there are many essential audio effects. However, different companies audio effects deliver different results. For example, Waves is a popular audio software company. They offer a wide variety of effects, many that do the same thing but deliver different sounds. An equalizer may be used to change the frequency response for an audio clip. However, depending which branded one you choose to do, you can create different sounds. Some are meant to sound more vintage than others and vice versa. It is preference.

It can take a while to become efficient in the audio engineering trade. If you are looking for pro mixing right now and are concerned you won’t be able to get the sound you desire – look to a professional. View Maniac offers mixing and mastering that is considered industry standard. Having worked with many major artists we can get your song sounding radio ready today. Reach out for a free consultation to get started.