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Professional EPK: Take the Music Industry Seriously

Professional EPK: Getting Started

As musician begins to gain notoriety throughout their career, there are some professional steps they need to take. Choosing a performance name, a logo, branding, and setting up a web presence. Additionally, it should go without saying but building their own discography should be established. Furthermore, once an artist has built on these assets, getting them to the right people should be the priority. Let’s be honest, unless you already have a massive audience then you need to connect with music industry professionals. A helpful tool for this is getting yourself a professional EPK press kit. Major and independent artists even have these. The reason being is that you need a popular medium that is widely accepted as industry standard to provide information. Let’s go over the basics to get you started.

professional epk

Professional EPK: What are the Requirements?

First and foremost, as you begin to layout your professional EPK press kit, you need to know what you are including within. It is of firm belief that a proper press kit should include a brief biography, your branding, links to popular songs and videos you have released, and social media integration. Additionally, you should include any notable projects or work you have been apart of. In addition, be sure to add upcoming collaborations, releases, or gigs. This will build curiosity and anticipation. As far as the format of your Professional EPK, it is typically a PDF. This is accepted as the industry standard and can be transferred via email if necessary or an easy download link.

If you don’t have the means to create your own professional EPK – reach out to View Maniac. We will create a custom branded electronic press kit within 1 week of ordering. You can use this to showcase your work. Furthermore, the design will feature embedded video for ease of use. In addition to video, your social media will be integrated throughout for easy linking. Get in touch today for your professional electronic press kit. buy viagra online