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How to Promote an Album: Strategies for Musicians

How to Promote an Album: Fundamentals

So, you’ve recorded an album. Such an exciting process and planning a release to maximize the exposure is crucial. Your songs are all mixed and mastered and your album art and branding is complete. Perhaps you’ve even put together a budget marketing and distribution. However, you have no idea how to promote an album so you’re here. Let’s run through some essential tips to get your album in front of as many people as possible. Here we go.


How to Promote an Album

How to Promote an Album: Pre-release

Coming up a pre-release plan when promoting an album is a wise tactic because you want to generate interest and a buzz. Setting up a pre-order is the first step in promoting your album. Although the album may be finished – or close to it, a pre-order will allow you to accept orders from the moment you begin promoting your album. With a pre-order you can set up crowdfunding and allow fans to be the first ones with the album.

Releasing the first single is another great way to promote your album. When wondering how to promote an album after you set up your pre-order, the next place to look is the music. Promoting your album through singles leading up to its release shows fans what they can expect from the album. You are setting the bar for expectations. Fans find this exciting. Obviously, in this day and age you would want to accompany the single with a music video. Lyric videos and visualizers can be great for promoting an album as well. Look into digital distribution and get your album placed on different streaming platforms.


How to Promote an Album

How to Promote an Album: Promoting the Release

If you haven’t been hyping up your album via social media – you probably should have started when you dropped your first single. Fans that follow you or have connected with you in the past are people who would certainly be interested in your new release. Promote your new music and album with blog placements. This is a great method for generating new fans and interest. Sending your music into radio stations can help as well. If a DJ hears something they like, they may include it into their set list. Breaking a new record can be an exciting moment for a DJ.

Lastly, creating and selling merchandise is another great way to promote your album. Giving merchandise away at shows can be incentive for fans or new fans to buy your album. Planning a release concert specifically with the intent to promote your new album is also a great idea. Use this guide if you’re wondering how to promote an album and expand on it where you see necessary.