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Publicist Services: Get Major Music Coverage Today

Publicist Services: Getting Started

Whether you are a major artist or an independent artist you need music publicist services to take you where you want to be. Getting major music coverage is quite difficult. Much of it is who you know and how you can leverage that contact. Furthermore, the more people you know, the better reach you have for new fans. However, unless you have all of the time in the world, this could feel impossible. How can an artist be expected to make high quality fresh music, use innovative social media marketing strategies, perform songs, shoot music videos, and network with industry professionals? The reality is, you likely can’t do it all on your own. This is why hiring a professional to take care of the public relation side of the business may be desirable for many. Let’s dive into the benefits.

publicist services

Publicist Services: The Basics

So, what can a musician expect from their own music publicist? Publicist services vary as well do the results. However, with proper strategy your goals are able to be realized. Music distribution such as digital or in-store product placement can be attainable. Furthermore, physical distribution alongside event planning and in-store signings are all things a music publicist can make happen for you. Additionally, getting your videos placed in outlets such as shoe stores, gyms, and other retail places is possible. It all depends on your plan and strategy.

Other publicist services that are attainable are the ability to attend red carpet events. This looks excellent for your social media marketing strategy or industry networking. Showcasing that you are among music industry professionals will leverage your brand and name to others. In addition to red carpet events, performance planning whether small shows or tours is another service able to be provided by a publicist. Blog sponsorship and content management as well. Anything you can think of that will increase your brand appeal to others should be achievable.

If you are looking for a music publicist that can get your career in the right direction, check out View Maniac. We offer publicist services for many artists, major and independent. Reach out today for a free consultation to get started! быстрые займы на карту