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Snapchat Features for Musicians

Snapchat Features for Musicians: Getting Started

As Spring approaches, it becomes that time of year where Snapchat begins to roll out new features and filters. Throughout this article we will look at different Snapchat features musicians can use for music promotion and engagement. On the platform there are some new tools to take advantage of to help you be more creative and stand out. From Shazam integration to new filters and lens, there are many different features that can be used to attract interest. Let’s look at some new ideas on how to get the most out of this social platform.


snapchat features for musicians

Snapchat Features for Musicians: The Basics

Starting off, if you are out and about and hear a song you want to share, look no further than Shazam. Tapping and holding down the screen inside of the app will activate Shazam’s API. Furthermore, this allows you to capture the song and share it on the go. While this isn’t exactly music promotion for yourself, it allows fans to catch your vibe and engage with your content.

Utilizing Snapchat features such as the filter and lens can be especially beneficial. Users are now able to create customizable and fun lens and filters within the app to use and share with friends. Furthermore, many artists are using Lens and Filters for special events, tours, specific concerts, or whatever is the most relevant use at that moment. In addition to the filter and lens, those with graphic design skills will appreciate Lens Studio. With this function, one can create one of a kind custom lenses and filters to be uploaded to Snapchat.

Most noteworthy, Snapchat now offers analytics for verified users. In-depth analytics are available to verified creators and this information is available on your profile page under “insights”. With this data, creators are able to see their total number of story views, time spent viewing, story view percentage, lifestyle, popular regions, and other information. Perfect for tailoring content to your targeted demographic based on stats.

There are other Snapchat features available through the app, however these are the best suited for music promotion. Spend some time within the app and have fun. Being creative with your fans will ensure engagement and growth. buy viagra online