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Social Media Branding Strategies for Musicians

Social Media Branding Strategies

For musicians, social media can serve multiple purposes. Ranging from selling merch, content marketing, or connecting with your fans – social media gives you an opportunity to target your audience and build your brand. Although, due to how saturated social media is with music industry hopefuls it can be difficult to separate your brand from the pack. Let’s go over some social media branding strategies for musicians to give you a leg up.


Social Media Branding Strategies Visual Branding

Visual Branding is Key

Social media is rather visual, wouldn’t you agree? If you were to visit any major brand, how would you be able to tell that you were on their page? Well besides the URL or account name, there would be visual cues. A profile picture with the company’s logo. Content and posts about their brand, product, or mission. Graphics related to the brand, etc.

So, why would you not want to offer your fans and audience the same thing? You don’t have to make everything look corporate. However, a professional image and branding that pairs up across all your social media profiles is key. Social media branding strategies such as this one is something you should focus on immediately. In an ideal world, aside from matching your profile pictures and header images, you would also try to get the same username across each platform as well.


Be Consistent with Your Voice

Consumers have shown that they prefer brands who offer honesty and humor over trendy and politically correctness. Your content and posts should resonate with your audience. Creating a “culture”, so to speak, among your posts will set a standard. Be sure to stay consistent within the topics of what you post, and do it often! Your fans follow you for a reason; they want to hear from you. Stay authentic and deliver content that is true to you and your audience.


social media branding strategies connect and engage

Connect & Engage

Working with other like-minded artists who have a larger audience can be beneficial. Piggy backing off their influence among others can bring some attention your way. Build relationships with other musicians and as you grow, share the wealth as well.

Engaging with your audience is also another one of the great social media branding strategies you can do to grow your brand. Building trust among your fans will bring new supporters and activity. As the activity grows on your account, social networks will share your content in more places.

Lastly, make sure you use all the real estate on your virtual property. Taking advantage of the bio areas on your profiles to let your audience know important information is vital. Describe yourself and give the user on your profile a call to action. Be sure to take advantage of these social media branding strategies to grow your accounts!