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Social Media Tactics to Avoid

Social Media Tactics for Musicians

When it comes to social media tactics for musicians, there are some things all should be wary of. While social media branding and optimization is an absolute necessity, proving content in an efficient and appropriate manner is a must. For some music entrepreneurs, there might be some tactics or techniques that are used that bring back some results, but it might be time to update the arsenal for best results. In this fast-paced industry, keeping an eye on the competition and staying ahead of the curve is the way to go. Let’s look at some outdated social media tactics for musicians and take proactive steps to stop doing them.


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Social Media Tactics to Avoid: Too Much Tagging

For the starving artist, it might make sense to get content in front of as many eyes as possible. However, quantity does not mean quality. Tagging tons of random people in your Instagram and Twitter posts will do the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Using the same copy and pasted message in tweets and DMs will lead to the same result. In some cases, reported. When using social media branding and optimization across different platforms, try to target an audience that is suitable for the content posted. A personalized approach may yield better results than a generic tag. Connect with influencers in the music industry and build a bit of a repertoire. If they appreciate your music, they may endorse you to their followers.

The overuse of hashtags can possibly bring back the same results previously mentioned. While hashtags can be helpful for specific niches or genres, avoiding the popular used ones is best. Using locations may be a better choice to get content in front of more targeted users.


social media branding __ social media tactics to avoid

Social Media Tactics to Avoid: Over Promoting

Look, we get it. Musicians know what they are up against. The saturation and competition can be fierce, especially across social media. Unless you’re a major brand, there probably isn’t tons of engagement on your content. With that said, posting too much and promoting yourself every chance you get will not help. It may even turn off new or current followers. Be wise and calculated in your approach to promotion. Social media branding and optimization can be a wonderful thing if done right. Focus on the quality of your content, whether it is music, videos, or promotion material. If the quality of the content doesn’t match the caption below, you are wasting your time.

Those are a few social media tactics to avoid based on the current landscape of social media and the music industry. If you have any others to suggest, be sure to leave a comment below with some tactics you are using!