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SoundCloud Campaign: Marketing Directly to Fans

SoundCloud Campaign: Getting Started

Musicians looking to connect to their audience through music may be looking for a direct approach. Whether it is through traditional social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook or something more content based like YouTube or Spotify – music marketing can be difficult. However, Soundcloud may be the best social platform for musicians to connect with fans. Loaded with the ability to exchange messages, follow, and comment on audio posts, engagement is key. Additionally, Soundcloud also allows artists to sell their music through the platform as well. Loaded with charts, playlists, and a platform that is strictly engagement driven – building a Soundcloud campaign to promote your music is a great resource for any aspiring artist. Your success comes down to the quality of your music paired with Soundcloud promotion. Let’s dive into the basics.

soundcloud campaign

SoundCloud Campaign: The Basics

First and foremost, the most appealing aspect to a Soundcloud campaign is the ability to put your music in front of people that want to listen. This isn’t a social platform that people are there to scroll and look at pictures or videos. If somebody is on Soundcloud – they are listening to music. Furthermore, with the ability to put tags on your music you can target your audience directly. However, not everyone is searching by tag. Use your descriptions to optimize your content. Add a cover to the song to catch attention and be sure to apply the proper genre to the track as well. Take advantage of Soundcloud’s branding capabilities such as the header image, profile image, and biography section. Furthermore, be sure to link to your other social platforms.

If you are having trouble reaching more listeners, look in to a Soundcloud promotion campaign from a professional. View Maniac offers this service at an affordable rate and can help you get more followers, plays to your music, re-posts, likes, and comments. Reach out today for a free consultation to get started.