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SoundCloud Promotion: The Basics

SoundCloud Promotion: Getting Started

Soundcloud is one of the largest social networks aimed towards creators on the internet. Averaging 175 million monthly listeners, it would be wise for musicians to try and grab a tiny fraction of that traffic. But how? Let’s go over some SoundCloud promotion tactics and techniques.


Create a Plan

If you were a business, it would be common practice to create a business plan to identify goals and strategy for soundcloud promotion. As a musician, you should employ the same tactics. Understanding your target audience and their internet habits can lead you on a path to success. Survey yourself and your current fanbase to learn about their preferred methods of listening. Whether it is at the bar, in the gym, in the car or club – knowing how your audience finds new music for their playlists is vital.

Once you’ve figured out who your audience is and how they consume music, it is time to engage with new listeners. Whether it is online or offline, you want to position yourself to be heard. Online you can search places for similar artists and genres like Mixcloud, YouTube, Reddit, or SoundCloud itself. Offline you can find venues or showcases that fit the bill.

After identifying your listeners, you can create a marketing plan based on your findings.


Invest in Yourself

Investing yourself can come in multiples ways. Whether it is time, creatively, or fiscally – it is important to do things the right way. SoundCloud offers a Pro upgrade for your account. After you’ve upgraded your account you will have access to analytics allowing you to track listening data and other information.

Using SoundCloud as a social network and spending time using it effectively is important. Research popular hashtags, leave comments, and follow targeted users. Connect with other artists and cross promote. Join groups that are relevant to you as a musician, whether it is geographically or within your genre.

Lastly, don’t be shy about spending on SoundCloud promotion. There are companies dedicated to marketing and promoting artists on different platforms. When growing your brand, it is smart to cover all of your bases.