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SoundCloud Tools: Promoting Your Music Online

SoundCloud Tools: Getting Started

When you are promoting your music online you are aiming to find the best source of traffic. With hopes of highly engaged listeners to grow your fanbase, you may be stuck wondering ‘How can I find new fans?’. Well, don’t fret. There are many different social platforms for musicians and each one has their pros and cons. Most noteworthy, it is widely known that most listeners prefer a streaming service for their listening pleasure. So, how do you choose the right one for you? The best place to start would be Soundcloud. If you are unaware, SoundCloud is a musician based social platform that many up and coming artists have been discovered on.

With over 175 million global users, SoundCloud is the largest music and audio platform in the world. Additionally, artists are able to upload their original music and share it with the platform’s ever-growing audience. Especially relevant, there are plenty of SoundCloud tools that you can use for your music marketing strategies. Let’s dive in to the basics.

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SoundCloud Tools: The Basics

You should note that simply just uploading your music to SoundCloud will not suffice as a music marketing strategy. Promoting new music takes time, patience, and innovation. You should work on targeting your unique audience based on your niche and genre. This is easy to find by learning your demographic from studying similar artists.

There is a dedicated page on SoundCloud called “Promote on SoundCloud”. This is where you can find some of your SoundCloud Tools. With these tools you are able to reach exactly who you want. You can target age, gender, location, genre, and even the device. This will put your music in front of a larger audience that want to stream. Additionally, with the power of your new music marketing strategy, you will get more relevant plays to your music. This helps with long-term success. As more fans are engaged, tastemakers and labels will pick them up to include in playlists or showcases.

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