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Spotify Artists Portal Sees New Update

Spotify Artists Portal: What’s New?

For those musicians that use the Spotify Artists Portal you may have noticed some news changes. However, for those unaware, some big changes have been made to the platform and has its users excited. Here we will break down what’s new and how you can benefit from each upgrade.

To start off we will discuss the new tabs section. When accessing your Spotify Artists portal, you will notice that there is a new header section. Furthermore, within this section there are four accessible tabs; Home, Music, Audience, and Profile. It should be quite obvious what the ‘Home’ tab is used for. However, the home tab is perhaps the most useful change within the update. Throughout this page you can notice that Spotify has added a blog-like feature where artists can read up on advice for Spotify promotion. Additionally, there is information on how to build a profile, targeting an audience, and much more. In addition to information, the home page includes an analytics sidebar where progress can be tracked in real time.

Moving on we will look at the ‘Music’ tab. Within this tab artists are able to view and track their singles and albums. Additionally, this tab displays information for each of your releases including total streams, listeners, saves, and project release dates. Most noteworthy, this may be deemed especially helpful for Spotify promotion because artists can view released and unreleased contention in this section and how they are performing.


Spotify Artists Portal: Other Tabs

Next up is the ‘Audience’ tab. This tab allows individuals to check how many people have or are currently listening to their music. In addition to real time information, you will have access to data such as page followers, streams and listeners. This information is all displayed through a visual chart so tracking the analytics for increases or decreases is simple. There isn’t much more of a better way to indicate how well your Spotify promotion campaign is going than this.

Lastly on the Spotify Artists Portal tabs is ‘Profile’. This tab displays exactly what Spotify users see when they view your artist page. Any edits you wish to make directly to your artist page can be done through this tab. Additionally, this includes the changing of profile pictures, editing the about section, or any other changes. payday loan