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Spotify Canvas: A Visualization Tool for Musicians

Spotify Canvas: Getting Started

Perhaps the largest streaming service outside of YouTube has delivered another great tool for musicians. Spotify has recently begun to roll out more tools to empower musicians. Furthermore, the most recent buzz is around the streaming giant’s Spotify Canvas visualization beta. This beta program is accessible to the most active Spotify for Artists users. The streaming service claims that adding a high-quality visualizer to a song will increase the popularity of the track. Thus, giving the artist more streams, shares, saves, and artist profile visits.

Additionally, Spotify promotion is made easier with Canvas as it allows artists to create and feature looping visuals in the Now Playing area of the profile. Spotify claims this is the most-viewed location in the mobile app itself. Especially relevant, visualization clips last 3-8 seconds and can be updated as often as the musician wishes. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that adding a high-quality visualizer to a song has increased streams on the platform by up to 120%. Saves are seeing 114% uptick, as well as profile visits and shares.


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Spotify Canvas: The Basics

It should be mentioned right off the bat that Spotify Canvas is awesome simply because it allows tight budgeted musicians a chance to compete with majors. Having tools at your disposal that major artists are using for Spotify promotion and the likes can be a game changer. Let’s go over some basic tips on how canvas can work for you.

Keep in mind that as you utilize this feature that people will be holding their phones upright as they browse Spotify. With that said, vertical video is king. Keep that in mind as you create clips and upload so that your videos respond best with vertical presentation.

Additionally, use your visual real estate wisely. Your artist name and song title are already included on the app. You don’t need to use either on your video. Canvas videos should reflect the aesthetic of your sound. Consider it an experience for your fans and let the creativity flow. However, avoid footage with talking, singing, or rapping. These clips are only 3-8 seconds long. Keep cuts and graphics to a minimum. You want your videos to appeal to the masses and features such as that can make some users uneasy.

Keep a theme and update often. Give your fans the consistency and quality they desire. Spend some time browsing Spotify canvas and figure out the best way Spotify promotion can work for you. займ онлайн