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Spotify Placement: Getting on Bigger Playlists

Spotify Placement: Getting Started

There are millions of music fans on Spotify, many of them looking to discover new artists. Musicians on the rise should know how important getting on properly curated playlists are. Especially relevant are those with a large following. However, how does a lesser known musician find that opportunity? What kind of Spotify promotion is necessary for a Spotify placement? The impact a playlist can have on a musician’s career is major. This is why major labels are trying to take over the top playlists and control what the masses are able to discover. Let’s dive into some basics to level the playing field a bit.

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Spotify Placement: The Basics

First and foremost, the best way to land a Spotify placement is to have a connection with a top curator. However, in most cases – this isn’t available. Whenever you are doing any kind of Spotify promotion, it is absolutely necessary you are utilizing the Spotify for Artists panel. This is loaded with great tools that help you understand and analyze your current methods of marketing. Furthermore, there is a specific tab entitled “Upcoming” that allows you to do direct playlist pitching. Most noteworthy, it is important to remember a few things when pitching your music through this panel. For example, you are only able to pitch music that has not been released yet. So, if you are intending on releasing a song – do not rush this process. Give yourself a couple weeks to pitch for Spotify placement for the best results.

Additionally, many musicians have had success pitching music to independent curators. However, this takes time and some research. Spend time doing your due diligence searching for curators that have blogs or release music within your genre. You wouldn’t pitch a rap song to a heavy metal curator and vice versa. Write a short, simple, and polite email that is informative and provides direct links to your music on Spotify. This makes the process easier for the curator.

Lastly, use other Spotify promotion methods to grow interest in your song. A song with plays and saves is more likely to land a Spotify placement than one without.  Check out View Maniac for any music marketing you may need.

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