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Spotify Promo: Streaming as a Social Platform

Spotify Promo: Getting Started

Whenever an artist sets their eyes on a successful music marketing campaign they typically focus on a few essentials. Social media, digital distribution, and well branded video content. Furthermore, while this is the correct approach in many cases, often times there is something forgotten. Spotify isn’t only for streaming – it also hosts many social features that can be used for Spotify promo. Additionally, applying these features within your Spotify marketing campaign gets you the most out of the platform. With that said, let’s dive into different features on the streaming giant that you are able to use to amplify the social features of Spotify.

Spotify Promo

Spotify Promo: The Basics

As you begin looking at Spotify promo as a means for social engagement with fans, let’s start with the playlist. Updating your playlist with new songs will keep your fans engaged. Customize your playlist often to keep the good vibes flowing so it will be the go-to listening experience for your fans. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to show love to other artists you may work with. Adding another artist to your playlist diversifies your listening base. Now that artists’ fans will have a reason to listen in to your playlist. Furthermore, there is a good chance the other artist will return the favor. This is smart Spotify marketing.

Use your other social platforms, website, and email lists to promote your Spotify. If you are ever struggling to create new and fresh content for your fans – showcase your playlist instead. This gives incentive to listen to your music and perhaps even share it. Be wise with your playlist titles, descriptions, and artwork. Pin new songs or most relevant singles to the top of your artist discography. Additionally, pay attention to reports on your audience and engagement. Utilizing analytics and statistics is a great way to get an understanding of your fans and their listening habits. Use this information to cater your playlist to your fans liking.

Lastly, be creative with your Spotify promo techniques. Remember that Spotify is another tool in your arsenal and there is money to be made from streaming. However, keep your focus on growing your brand rather than the potential income to be made. That will come in time. онлайн займ