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Streaming Income: Making Money with Music

Streaming Income: Getting Started

For most musicians, making a living off of their talent is the dream. Why wouldn’t you want to wake up every day, do what you love to do, and earn a living off of it? However, as many have learned – it isn’t that easy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many projected models within the music industry geared for the independent musician to become wealthy. Furthermore, as an independent musician begins to find success, they are often greeted by a record company ready to count their pockets with the promise of fame and fortune. Most noteworthy, this is nothing new, this story has been told by every musician. So, how can an independent artist make some change in the digital landscape? It’s time to focus on streaming income.


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Streaming Income: The Basics

Selling singles, albums, or mixtapes is no longer a focus within the music industry. While it has its place and can be especially beneficial – the growth of digital media has made it simply a nice bonus. There are other ways to make money that are highly recommended such as selling merchandise, ticket sales, and musician services but you should know the fundamentals of streaming income.

With so many different platforms out there, it may be troublesome figuring out the best place to distribute your music. Here is a hint, get your music on every platform. Many digital distributors make this process simple and it works best because it all comes down to consumer preference. Spotify promotion has been very common among musicians and is an effective way to drive in those streams.

Ultimately, there are a few things you want to establish as you push for streaming income. Utilizing social media, you can establish engaged listeners. Encouraging fans to listen to your music digitally will bring more plays and popularity. Get your music featured in playlists and your number of engaged listeners will grow. Additionally, completed streams per listener will boost how you are paid out. The longer retention you have, the better. However, it is not just Spotify promotion that you can benefit from. Focus on marketing on all the platforms that pay for streams. Among the many there are YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music, and others.

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