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Street Team Promotion: The Basics

What is Street Team Promotion?

A street team is a group of fans that promote an album or musician on a grassroots level. On the business side of things, street team promotion allows a record label or artist a free or inexpensive way to promote their music. For the fans, working on a street team gives them hands on experience and the opportunity to promote their favorite music. Having dedicated fans of a musician or an album telling other like-minded fans about it is an invaluable asset. There is no need to pay influencers to put your music out there when you have a team of your own.


Street Team Promotion

Starting a Street Team

So, for us to start our own street team – it’s important to understand their job. A street team’s work can consist of passing out promotional material like stickers or CDs or putting up posters for upcoming shows and releases. Calling local radio stations and requesting your songs and asking local venues to play our music as well. However, now we must consider the digital work of a street team as well. Email blasts, sharing music and video on social media networks, and spreading your name in chats is a must.

If you feel like your music is polished enough and your branding looks professional, then you may be ready for street team promotion. If you don’t have a release ready or a show to promote, you might be jumping in too early. Be sure that you have enough money to produce the marketing materials necessary for your street team to promote.


Street Team Promotion Tips

Street Team Promotion Tips

Whether it’s an online street team or an offline street team, you need to have a plan. Building an online street team can be easier to put together. Furthermore, start a group on social media for your fans. Regarding your offline street team – reach out to fans at your shows. Asking fans to be apart of your movement can help spread your name. Do this in every area that you perform so you have a larger reach to new audiences.
In exchange for their work, you should offer your street team members merchandise, concert tickets, and other incentives. In addition, street team promotion can be a great foot in the door for somebody who is serious about getting involved in the music industry.