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TikTok Algorithm: How it all Works

TikTok Algorithm: Getting Started

It’s no secret that TikTok has taken the internet by storm over the past year. Furthermore, it seems younger crowds can’t get enough of the app. However, one thing that is secret is the TikTok algorithm. Musicians and brands want to dominate this app because of the virality factor. Most noteworthy, this can be a difficult task but there are ways to increase engagement using the tools available throughout the platform. As TikTok evolves, so does the app. New trends and features pop up all the time, so you are keeping a finger on the pulse of what is going on will help you adapt. Let’s dive into some techniques that will boost your music marketing appeal.

tiktok algorithm

TikTok Algorithm: The Basics

After you setup your profile you will encounter the TikTok feed. This is broken down into two different categories. The first category is the “Following” page which seems self-explanatory. The main objective of this tab is to show you content from the people that you are following. The other tab is called “For You”. This tab is for discovering new content. Similar to what you would expect to find on Instagram’s “Explore” page. TikTok is delivering content they feel is tailored to your likes in hopes to help you discover more fresh videos.

Furthermore, keeping in line with other platforms, TikTok utilizes hashtags. These work similarly as those on other platforms. Just like any other music marketing, users tend to post to trending hashtags in hopes of gaining interest. You can search for hashtags by opening the discover tab and typing them out. Additionally, judging the popularity of a hashtag is made simple because TikTok displays how many views each hashtag has received. This is great for insight and analytics. Spend proper time analyzing which hashtags would work best with your content and go from there.

Trending songs and sounds also boost the popularity of a TikTok video. Users can search for videos by song and reply to the video and use the same song. This is how TikTok’s viral appeal really applies to music marketing. Create a song, get it on the platform, and have a funny video to the track? Chances are people will reply and your music could take off. However, understanding your audience is key. Make the most out of TikTok by learning the platform and studying it. Use that information in your marketing campaign and go from there! займ онлайн