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Twitter Promotion: Simple Tips to Get More Fans

Twitter Promotion: Promote your Music

For musicians looking to grow their audience, Twitter is a great place to begin. Twitter’s user base consists of 330 million monthly active users. A musician deploying a strategic marketing campaign can use Twitter to grow their brand tremendously. If Twitter promotion is done properly you can target your audience and consistently gain new organic followers. Let’s go over some Twitter promotion techniques and tips to get your music out there. For those familiar with Twitter and their platform, some of these tips may be obvious.


Twitter Promotion: Tips for Followers

When you’re promoting yourself to a new audience, it is important to identify who will actually be interested in your music. The concept of throwing whatever at the wall to see what sticks won’t necessarily work well with Twitter. There is always the possibility that you can catch a listener on a good day or perhaps somebody is new on the platform and just getting acquainted with its users. However, in most cases, spamming your music to random users will end up with a block. As a result, that’s not good for Twitter promotion.

So, how can a musician target new followers without being obnoxious? Start off by finding users that engage with musicians in a niche or genre similar to your own. Follow these users and connect with them. Build a connection with your future audience because in doing so they will be more inclined to listen to your music or tell others. Also, using hashtags for searching or posting is important. Have a look at what is trending on Twitter and join the conversation and work yourself into it in a clever way.


Twitter Promotion

Twitter Promotion: Best Practices

There are a few simple tips you can use to maximize your Twitter promotion for your own brand. When sending out a tweet, use as many characters that you can. Twitter allows users to use up to 280 characters now – get as much info out as you can! Use more verbs and less nouns. Be descriptive, almost like a click bait headline. However, don’t go overboard.

Posting in the afternoon and evening can be rather effective. Studies have shown users are most active after work hours and toward the weekend. Spreading your tweets out hourly can help, try to avoid filling up timelines with spam-like tweets. Considering that 50-60% of your content should be related to your brand, focus on putting your links in the beginning of the tweet. Studies have also shown links perform better when placed early on in a tweet. Lastly, simply asking others for a retweet can go a long way with Twitter promotion.