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Should You Be Using Bandcamp’s New App?

Should You Be Using Bandcamp’s New App?

Bandcamp’s new app has launched for both Android and iOS devices. However, this app isn’t for customers or to browse for new music. Bandcamp’s new app is developed with the artist and record label in mind and it’s really cool.

Band Camp's New App - Real Time Statistics

Real Time Statistics

With Bandcamp’s New App you are able to interact directly with your fans. Tracking real time statistics and managing your merchandise is easy as well. With over 3,000 labels using their platform producing more than $6 million digital and physical sales a month, an application like this will make your life as an entrepreneur a bit easier.

Bandcamp's New App - Digital, Physical, And Merchandise

Digital, Physical, and Merchandise!

If you aren’t familiar with Bandcamp, perhaps this can be a brief introduction. Aside from the obvious of selling digital and physical copies of your music – you can sell merchandise as well. In fact, when it comes down to physical copies of your music, you can even sell vinyl or cassette tapes! Last year alone vinyl and cassette sales grew by 48% and 58% respectively.

Bandcamp's New App - Target Your Audience

Target Your Audience

When it comes to interacting with your fans you can send out targeted messages that will arrive in their email. However, your fans do have the option to opt out of receiving these messages.  The great news is that the app is free. Although there is a pro version that may interest you if you are on tour. With the pro version of Bandcamp’s New App, you can target your fans by location to improve turnout rates for your shows or maybe even meet and greets!

Bandcamp's New App - Artists And Labels

Artists and Labels

So, should you be using Bandcamp’s New App? If you’re a consumer, the answer is no. However, if you are an artist or label – absolutely. The Bandcamp application has a nice design and is focused on improving your growth. Managing your sales and merchandise has never been easier.

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