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Video Formats: Video Designs for Different Platforms

Video Formats: Getting Started

Depending on where you are in your music career, the kind of video designs you need may differ. However, it is important to note that video should be a tool in every musicians tool belt. Video formats change depending on the kind of release you are putting out and the platform you are doing it on. If you are promoting a song vs a project, you typically will require a different style of video. Furthermore, whether the video is on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok – they all have their own dimensions for best viewing resolution. Let’s dive into the basics so you can decide what is the right kind of video for you.

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Video Formats: The Basics

Starting off, you can go with a generic style social media release video. This is a simple promotion style video design that works best if you don’t have an existing music video. Using your song’s artwork, a unique audio-video can be created. The concepts are typically simple with a vinyl record spinning and an audio visualizer moving to the music. This is the perfect affordable video for promoting your latest release on social media.

If you are using Instagram, you may want to consider an Instagram Story video trailer. Video formats for these kind of video designs are vertical displays. They are perfect for promoting a new single as well. You can use a call to action having followers click specific areas or swipe up to direct them to another platform. However, you shouldn’t confuse this video style with an Instagram video trailer. This is suggested for artists and record labels. Most noteworthy, these videos are versatile and can be used on other platforms as well for teasers. The style of video works well on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well. Perfect for announcing the availability of a new release.

Video promo trailers and social premiere videos are other versatile video formats. They are your typical shaped video but the intention is to create buzz for a new release. The video styles differ and are designed to build anticipation.

If you are looking for professional video design, check out View Maniac. We offer many video formats ranging from promotional video trailer, audio visualizer video, motion cover art, animated logo video intro, and lyric video production. With affordable prices, you can look like a mainstream artist and music industry professional. Reach out for a free consultation to get started today!