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Visual Content for Musicians in 2020

Visual Content: Getting Started

For many musicians, creating fresh new content for their fans, especially in times like this is crucial to their success. One thing is for sure, visual content is king. Whether it is a music video, audio visualizer, live stream, or motion graphic of sorts – putting the right content in front of your fans is your job. Furthermore, knowing which kind of video your fans want and when can play a large role in engagement as well. Additionally, choosing the right video could result in sharing and virality of your content. There are many different ways to utilize motion graphics to your benefit, it is just a matter of platform.

visual content

Visual Content: The Basics

To begin with visual content, you must be aware of the different kinds available and where you can utilize it. Starting off should be the most obvious with music videos. Every major social network allows for posting videos. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – there is some way to display a music video. Platforms like YouTube have begun implementing a premiere feature which allows for anticipation among fans. Additionally, with premieres you can host watch parties via chat on YouTube.

Furthermore, other ways to share and display music visually can be done with audio visualizers or trailers. This is usually a stunning motion graphic that moves to the music or displays an eye catching visual for the fan. However, the king of motion graphic videos would be the lyric video. A high-quality lyric video could be considered a status symbol within the music industry. This shows fans and other musicians that you are serious about your craft. In most cases, lyric video production is difficult to come by, especially professional quality work.

Live video can be great for visual content as well. Streaming on social media is a fantastic way to connect with your audience.  This allows for real-time engagement and promotes urgency to watch. Fans may not want to miss an opportunity to get their comments directly in front of you so you should maximize this potential any chance you get.

Ultimately, the playing fields between major artists and independents have been leveled with social media. Utilizing the tools you have available and making the most of each to interact with fans is the key and should be apart of any music marketing strategy. онлайн займ