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Website Trends: Award Winning Designs for 2021

Website Trends: Getting Started

Success comes to those who work hard and are able to capitalize on relevancy. Whether you are creating your own relevance or riding the wave of what is hot – you have to do it right. A flash in the pan is a rare occurrence and probably not what you should aim to be. Furthermore, with the proper strategy and branding, you can set yourself up for success by standing out among others in any competitive landscape. Staying aware of trends whether it is sonically or visually is key. Your social media should be up to par with every other artist in your genre competing for your audience. Relevancy shouldn’t come only from your content but also in your design and presentation choices. Taking this a step further this should stand true for your website trends. Website design for musicians need to showcase up to date features, technology, and designs to be successful. Let’s look at how to get you started.

website trends

Website Trends: The Basics

Looking at website trends in 2021 we will notice a few things. There are always design concepts that will cycle in and out of relevancy, however for 2021, retro fonts have become cool again. Additionally, parallax scrolling continues to be a trend within website design for musicians. However, it is especially relevant that it doesn’t become distracting or make it too difficult to interact with. Focusing on specific areas to use this feature will keep your website cool, relevant, and fresh.

Another design feature that is gaining popularity this year is horizontal scrolling. Utilize this function in a neat way to show off new media. Perhaps you allow visitors to navigate new music videos or a photo gallery is this fashion. It is all up to your creativity.

If you are not well-versed in the art of website design for musicians, reach out to a professional. View Maniac can provide you with professionally designed websites that follow current website trends for affordable prices. Reach out today for a free consultation to get started!