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What Free Spotify Means for Artists

What the New Free Spotify Means for Artists Savvy artists that like to stay informed on trends in the

What Free Spotify Means for Artists

What the New Free Spotify Means for Artists

Savvy artists that like to stay informed on trends in the music industry probably are quite hip to Spotify. For those that are in the know understand that there are two ways a fan can listen to the service. The first way is as a premium subscriber. The other is a free user. As a result, the company has started rolling out a new free Spotify with a bunch of new features. Let’s take some time and review what the free experience is, what Spotify is upgraded, and how this impacts digital music distribution.

There are 90 million reasons an artist should know what’s going on with free Spotify users. Because there are 90 million people that use the free version of Spotify. That is a gigantic potential audience waiting to hear your new music. That is major for digital music distribution. One key difference in the free version of the app is that Spotify is making it easier for fans to discover their new favorite songs. Free users can now experience better personalized playlists. These playlists are designed to introduce fans to new music on a weekly basis. Free Spotify users can listen to songs on demand in playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes. In addition, there are select editorial playlists based on genres and vary depending on taste.


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Free Spotify Improvements

Another upgrade for free Spotify users are recommendations with a new personalized home page based on tastes. Fans will experience track recommendations when building their own playlists. Furthermore, Spotify is improving the listening experience in low bandwidth environments by adding a new feature, Data Saver, which will allow users to converse data while listening to music.

These free Spotify improvements add up to a better experience for an enormous audience of potential new fans. Artists will have more opportunities to get their music out to the masses. Additionally, Spotify will continue to pay rights holders from revenue from both tiers of subscribers. Regardless of which type of user your fans are, artists will be able to see engagement stats in Spotify for Artists. An artists customizable Artist’s Pick and About Page will be displayed for paid and free Spotify users. Free Spotify can still reward artists reaping the benefits of digital music distribution. займ срочно без отказов и проверок

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