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Why You Should Add Your Song to Genius

Add Your Song to Genius: What is Genius?

Genius is a popular website for sharing information about music. Formally known as Rap Genius, the site used to primarily focus on hip hop and rap. When the website relaunched in 2014, it began attracting many pop culture icons whom contribute exclusive tidbits about their own songs. In its current platform, musicians are able to share their music on the network. Artists can upload their own bios, annotate lyrics, and engage with fans by explaining the meaning of lyrics and how songs came about. You can add your song to Genius quite easily.

Genius can be an incredibly powerful tool for independent artists to share their music and you don’t need a music publicist to do so. Having a profile on the site can act as a hub or destination that links all of an artists content and social media. A profile on Genius tends to rank well on Google as well. Most major artists use the Genius platform to network to communicate and connect with their fans. Let’s look at how to add your song to Genius.


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Add Your Song to Genius: How?

When you want to add your song to Genius, the process is straight forward. However, there are a few things to take note of to make the process better. Creating a profile is simple and just like any other site. After you have signed up, you will be given your own profile page with the ability to follow other users. Kind of like most social platforms. As you contribute knowledge to the community, you will gain a Genius IQ. Genius uses a points system known as ‘IQ’ to count how a member contributes to the community. This is how Genius ranks their users. As soon as you add a profile picture, you will have earned 100 IQ points. There are members with over 400,000 IQ points. You won’t need a music publicist to get you started.

Adding a new song to the Genius database is simple. Hit the “Add Song” link at the top of the page and then just add the appropriate information for the song. You will be able to annotate lyrics by highlight any line of the song. On the side of the song’s profile you can give a backstory for the track. Adding information about who worked on the song is suggested as well as adding cover artwork.

Artists looking to grow their fan base and their online presence should definitely take advantage of this platform. It is quite simple to add your song to Genius and could be worth the extra exposure without a music publicist.