How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release: The Basics So, you’ve been working on your music for some time and

How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release: The Basics

So, you’ve been working on your music for some time and you’re ready to release it to the masses. You’re probably just about finished with your EPK Press Kit and your music has already been mixed and mastered but you’re wondering how to write a press release. It is actually quite simple, and we will teach you the basics, so you don’t overdo it.


How To Write a Press Release

What Are You Promoting?

Identifying what you are promoting is the key to writing a press release. Find a focus point and spend time writing about that. Setting a clear goal for the functionality of your press release will help you keep it short and sweet. Are you releasing an album, promoting a show or an event? Conveying the purpose of your press release in a clear and concise manner is detrimental in the result you are looking for.
Avoid being vague. When working on your press release you aren’t necessarily just promoting yourself. Your press release should be about something specific you are working on or apart of. Think of when you listen to or watch an interview with famous artists, they are never just showing up just to be there. The point of their appearance is to talk about a project of theirs or something they are apart of. That is how your press release should be received.


How To Write a Press Release

Press Release Fundamentals

Once you’ve identified your message and angle, you may still be wondering how to write a press release. That’s okay – the very basics would be a one page, three paragraph press release. In your first paragraph, you want to give the reader the basics of whatever you are promoting. This is your who, what, when, where and whys of your press release. Keeping this first paragraph short and sweet is a must. However, give them incentive to read on.
For your second paragraph you want to share more about your project. Highlighting collaborations or other parties involved is a great way to add some substance. Give the reader a bit of back story and some information for them to share with others. This paragraph should be a bit longer than your introduction, but you should still keep it simple and to its point.
Consider your final paragraph as the closing. Give the reader information on how you can be contacted or where they can go to learn more about your project or those involved. Be sure to include any phone numbers, email addresses, websites, or social media links necessary.
If you’re still unsure how to write a one yourself, here’s where you can get a professional artist press release.

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