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YouTube Release Checklist: Preparing Your Music Video

YouTube Release Checklist: Getting Started

As you are getting ready to drop a new music video you should consider the amount of preparation necessary for success. It is very rare that a video can be released and find an audience without a strategic approach. With that said, a YouTube release checklist can make your life a lot easier through the whole upload and YouTube marketing campaign. A well thought out plan will serve well. It is important to map out the who, what, when, and where to produce the best results. Moving forward we will go through a YouTube release checklist to get you started.

youtube release checklist

YouTube Release Checklist: The Basics

Starting off, you should know that details are crucial. Especially relevant is that the YouTube video description must provide information for the search engine and for your audience. Your title must include what your fans will be looking for. For example, “Your Name – Song Title (Official Music Video)”. You can play with the wording there a bit if your YouTube marketing campaign is focusing on a lyric video or perhaps an audio visualizer. Furthermore, back to your description, be sure this is a well written, keyword rich description. You want to provide as much information to YouTube’s search engine so you get the best results from their algorithm. For the audience, be sure to include links to your website, social media, and anywhere they can purchase or stream your song or album. Keep it neat and professional. Spend time looking through trending music videos from popular artists and follow suit with their formatting.

Additionally, after you have mastered the art of the title and description, be sure to use tags. YouTube is really beginning to emphasize the power of tags, even including them as links above the title on videos now. After you have added all the necessary text formats to your video, you should be sure that the branding for your channel is on point. If you are YouTube marketing your latest video, feature it on your channel. Change out any old graphics promoting older songs or projects and freshen up your appearance. Utilize annotations and cards to promote your channel or other videos if they are especially relevant to your campaign.

Lastly, take advantage of YouTube premiere. This is a somewhat new tool that lets you promote an upcoming release. Sharing the premiere will build anticipation and allow fans and subscribers to see the video as soon as it goes live. There are many tools available to publishers and artists on YouTube. Spend some time learning them and be resourceful. онлайн займ